Who We Are

We help you and your pet live the good life.

We understand the power of the harmonious relationship between animal and human. Our products are formulated to help your pet live their best life... today.



Our goal at Bona Vida is to foster a healthier, happier relationship between you and your pet. Bona Vida is more than just a name. It’s what we want your pet to feel, experience, and enjoy every day. We’re sure they’ll let you know they’re living the good life. 



Bona Vida is dedicated to helping provide a state of good health and well-being to your pet. We do this by passionately working with some of the animal industry’s most respected professionals to bring the highest quality products to help keep your “best friends” feeling happy and healthy. We combine premium all-natural ingredients along with CBD to help your pet live their happiest and healthiest life.



Each of our industry-leading products contains a foundation of all-natural ingredients that help support specific body functions along with one primary item essential to your pet’s wellness… CBD.

Premium products, made in the USA

Bona Vida hemp products are grown and processed in the United States (with domestic and some imported ingredients).

We adhere to the strictest manufacturing requirements in the growth and production of all our products. 

We know how important it is that you provide your pet with the highest quality and safest products.

Just one more way we help your pet live “Bona Vida”… the good life.

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